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Australian Visa Information & FAQ

An ETA is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia. ETA information is accessible by airlines, travel agents and Australian border agencies. It's required that you obtain an ETA if you intend to travel to Australia.

The great news is you do not need to visit a departmental office to submit an application and you will not need a stamp or label in your passport. An ETA replaces the need for a traditional paper visa.

Note: An ETA is linked to the passport being used while applying, so you must travel to Australia with the same passport as the one you apply at EasyETA with on your application.

You should always try to apply in advance, no later than 24 hours in advance of your departure.

On occasion, some people are not approved to enter Australia and they must contact an Australian embassy. For those who wait to apply for a visa until the last minute or at the airport, those not approved could run in to trouble and be denied boarding by the airline.

To avoid the hassle of missing your flight, it's recommend you purchase your visa in advance through EasyETA, so that you can rest assured that your visa status will be approved. If by chance it is not, we will give you your money back and tell you your best course of action.

Deciding which visa you need to visit Australia depends on how long you will be visiting the country and whether or not you plan on working. If you plan on working in the country, then you will need to either contact an Australiain embassy or an agency that specifically handles work visas.

If you are visiting Australia for tourism, and your trip is 3 months or less, a tourist subclass 601 visa (ETA) is your best option.

If you intend on visiting for basic non-working business needs then you are required to purchase a subclass 601 business ETA visa.

Airlines, travel agents, cruise companies, and immigration officials all have similar systems which allow them to run an inquiry on your visa status.

Once you are approved by EasyETA, all of your name and passport information will then be active and valid in the Electronic Travel Authority immigration system. The airline or cruise company will then swipe your passport at check-in, electronically verifying your visa status in the ETA system.

For more information on how the complete check-in process works, feel free to read through the Advanced Passenger Processing guide here, which is used by the airline to retrieve your visa information.

If a mistake is made on your application, and you do not realize it, the airline will likely not be able to find your visa while checking in at the airport. If this happens, the airline will have to re-issue you a new visa (at a much higher cost than EasyETA).

So, while applying, please make sure you check the spelling of your name, and the dates of your passport issue/expiry, birthday, etc.

An ETA allows multiple trips into Australia, so long as the maximum stay on any given visit is less than 3 months, or 90 days.

If you leave for another country, then you may return to Australia as long as your ETA and passport are still valid. However, It is up to immigration officials to determine if you are trying to manipulate the system, so we recommend contacting an embassy if you are concerned with returning too soon.

A general guideline is you need to be out of the country for 2+ weeks before returning, otherwise you may look into obtaining a subclass 600 visa instead of an ETA, which may permit you to stay longer in Australia. Just note, that the cost is ~ $115.00.

If you passport is about to expire (within 6 months), you should check with an Australian embassy to see if you are still allowed to visit the country. Your best and only option may be to obtain a new passport.

An ETA is valid for 12 months from the date it is granted or the expiry date of your passport, whichever comes first.

Note: You will need to apply for a new Australian Visa if your passport expires and you are issued a new passport.

No. For transit details and information, please click here. Additionally, you may download the transit visa application here.

An ETA is required for people who are outside Australia and want to visit Australia for tourism or business purposes. It is required for many nationalities around the world.

Please see our list of ETA nationalities here.

We typically have visas processed and approved and confirmations sent out within a few hours. Depending on the time zone, time of day, and when the passport information was submitted, it can take up to, but not exceed 24 hours.

Note: If you need an expedited visa, (within 24 hours), then we can accomodate your needs if our chat feature is currently online. Just ask us!
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No. Once your visa is issued, however, it will be active and valid for 12 full months. Your 3 month visit will need to begin within that 12 month period.

Simply put, it does not matter if you apply far in advance, so long as you plan on entering Australia within 12 months of your application date.

No. You must visit an Australian consulate or embassy to see about obtaining a visa which allows employment in Australia.

You will need to apply for a visa which allows for a longer stay (6-12 months) from your nearest Australian migrant office. A Tourist Visa (subclass 600) may be a good alternative if you plan on staying longer than 90 days in the country, but you will have to pay a much higher premium for those rights.

If you think it's unlikely that you will stay in the country longer than 3 months, then you can also start with an ETA, then apply for a Tourist Visa extension (subclass 600) and extend your stay while in Australia. Just keep in mind that pricing and rules are always changing.

You must not have any criminal convictions, for which the sentence or sentences (whether served or not) are for a total period of 12 months duration or more, at the time of travel to, and entry into, Australia.

No. You do not need to arrange your transportation into the country before applying for an ETA. Whether you are traveling by boat or plane, it's okay to apply for your ETA anytime before or after your confirmed ticket.

Yes. Children of all ages, who are traveling with you, will need to obtain a visa.

Help for Existing Customers

No. The Australian immigration computer system does not assign transaction numbers or reference numbers to tourist visas.

The "reference" number most people refer to is the one issued by the DIAC which is used by people to check the status of their visa. We make it easier on you. We send you the confirmation as soon as it is issued, via e-mail, so you don't need to keep re-checking your ETA status.

It is not required to print out the confirmation that we e-mail you, but it can certainly help the airline find your visa in the immigration system faster upon check-in at the airport. Again, It is OPTIONAL to print it out, however, since your visa is electronically stored in the immigration and airline systems.

1) The first option is you can apply for a subclass 600 tourist visa. However, the cost is $115. Please see government site for details.

2) Your second option is you can re-enter the country at a later date, however it's up to immigration officials to determine if you are repeatedly re-entering the country simply to reset your 90 day allowance.

Contact an Australian embassy or do your own research to determine what is best for you.

An ETA is 100% electronic, so once you are entered in to the Australian Immigration system and approved, you do not need to take any further action. If you lost your passport or obtain a new one, you will need to re-apply for a new ETA.

We will not be shipping you anything in the mail. The visa approval confirmation which was e-mailed to you is all you need going forward.

In rare occasions, (less than 0.001%) a handful of people have needed to purchase a visa from the airline at the airport because the airline was unsuccessful at locating their visa.

We have over a 99.9% success rate with our visas, so if you have to purchase an ETA from the airline, then keep your receipt. We will ask you to send us a scanned copy of your passport. If the information matches what you submitted, we will refund you 100% of the money for our services.

An ETA is valid for 1 year from the date of issue, so you can visit Australia before or after any other countries on your trip. You will need to enter Australia before the validity of your visa expires.

Please, please, please.. check your junk box folder. Or, if you have given us a corporate e-mail address as your contact information, then our message was likely filtered out by your e-mail server.

We send confirmation e-mails to everyone within 24 hours, so please double check that you did not already receive it at the e-mail address provided to us on your application. If need be, you may e-mail ( or chat with us (bottom of the web page) and we will be happy to re-send the confirmation.

Yes, anytime a new passport is issued to you, whether your visa was lost, stolen, or expired, a new visa needs to be issued.

Amendments cannot be made to existing visas to accomodate the new passport. Please re-apply here.

On occasion, it takes the Immigration computers extra time to process a visa. When this happens, we continuously inquire about your visa status over a 24 hour period until we receive your approval.

If the approval that we e-mail you says "Current Visa Status" versus "ETA Approval" it simply means that we had to re-check the status of your visa and that you were given the updated confirmaton of your visa status. All the other information should match the approval similar to the one in our customer section.

More information about being a visa holder can be found in the pamphlet provided by the DIAC entitled Information for Australian ETA Holders or on our EasyETA existing customer area. You may also contact us via e-mail or the chat window found at the bottom of each page of our website.

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All of your e-mails will be received and responded to within a few hours (no more than one day). Unfortunately, we no longer have a phone or fax number due to the overwhelming amount of travel-related calls that were unrelated to Australian visas.

We cut overhead costs by specializing in the most popular visas only (subclass 601 tourist & business), which avoid all the costs associated with paperwork, interviews, and other less common visas. Plus, we do not carry some of the costs associated with a government department.

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Yes, most all major currencies. After you submit your passport information via our application page, you will be directed to PayPal to make a payment in your local currency. If you're local currency is not available, it will default to Australian dollars.

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