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Within 24 hours of applying with EasyETA, you will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your ETA visa status given to us by the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship. We would like to help you become more familiar with what information is important as a visa holder.

Below, we've gathered some information that may be of help if you have questions:

Australian Visa Approval - Detailed Information

After you have been granted approval by the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC), we provide you the following information in our confirmation email to you.

Note: Actual visa approval details may differ slightly from image below.

Australian ETA Visa Example

Australian Visa Reference Guide

Family Name Suffixes - Jr., Sr., Bin/Binte, Mr/Mrs, S/O, etc. will NOT be listed

Given Names First, Second, and all other given names listed on your passport.

Passport Your passport number, nationality, and expiration date

Date of Birth, Sex, COB You should see your gender as M/F and Country of Birth listed in its 3-digit country code.

Type of Travel T = Visitor/Tourist, B = Business Short-Validity

Entry Status This is simply the response that we receive from the DIAC, most notably your visa expiration date.

Visa Status If approved and OK to travel, it will state ETA Approved. More information will be e-mailed to you.

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Correcting a Mistake Made on Your Application / Visa

All of the information you submitted to us on the visa application form was passed directly into the DIAC system as it was entered on your visa application.

However, we understand if a mistake was made on your application. To ensure your visa is found by both the airline and immigration personnel, you will need to have it fixed/amended.

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