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  1. Blanche Garcia says:

    Good, easy site for getting a visa. My friend used another site and it took 3 days to get an e-mail response. EasyETA had my visa in 12 hours, and wrote me back in 2 hours. Great work!!!

  2. Melanie B. says:

    Helpful, courteous service. I would recommend to anybody needing a visa for Australia!

  3. Jason Wenworth says:

    Simple online form. I used urgent visa processing and received my visa in 10 minutes! Worth the extra coin, plus I didn’t know I needed a visa until the day before departure.

  4. Tricia Reader says:

    Lots of benefits! No signup, visa came in as expected, no problems at immigration. Recommend highly. -T.R.

  5. Jake Davis says:

    Easy turnaround…… received visa in 7 hours after submitting application. Too Easy! Thx.

  6. Soong Fui Kiun says:

    simple to apply. reliable visa. have used 4 years now without any problems. Qantas Airways checked me in with no problems. Immigration officials scanned and read my passport. No problems for 4 weeks in country.

  7. Francoise B. says:

    Simple application form. Helpful customer service. 5-star review here. Thanks for saving me money and getting me and my family’s visas in a timely matter.

  8. Yvonne Strank says:

    Easy! Will definitely use again if and when I return to Australia. Got my visa within 2 hours. Thanks.

  9. Hannah Garrett says:

    Cheaper, Easier, Faster. EasyETA had excellent service when I wrote them. I was not able to verify with the REF number on immigration site, but no problems when entering country. Comes highly recommended.

  10. Juan Antonio Martin says:

    Entered Australia with no problems. Glad to have saved the money on identical visas.

  11. B. Jones says:

    I have used EasyETA 2x now.. 2013, 2014. Would recommend as they are cheaper than the government, reliable, etc.
    -Beryl J.

  12. Doris Choo says:

    I run a travel blog, and Easyeta comes highly recommended. They fulfilled my order within 10 hours and the visa was cheaper…, same visa less cost.

  13. Muhammad Amir says:

    Have used EasyETA for my clients on two separate trips to Australia. For your information, if you taking a cruise to Australia, be sure to save money with easyeta as the cruise company will usually want 60-100 dollars per person!

    Muhammad Amir M. -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  14. TravelNext Blogg says:

    I have operated a travel agency for many years. Our services with EASYETA.COM were excellent. I have used for my clients many times without problems. I recommend to friends or family, or anybody traveling to Australia.

  15. Mavji says:

    best site to use for Australian visa

  16. A. Van den Bogaart says:

    Liked using very much! no need to create an account with them. I had my family’s visas in less than 1 day as advertised. THX>

  17. Abu Bakar R.E. says:

    Very happy to have used for my friend and I. More money for trip!

  18. Lee Shui says:

    Good service overall. Online chat and quick to respond to e-mails in case you have any questions or need help. Cheapest visa online!

  19. Derek Yerts says:

    My family and I have been to Australia 3 years running now. We have had no problems using Easyeta in the past, and so we used them again for the 3rd time. Easy to use, quick application, and your visas arrive in 24 hours.

  20. Si Ying C. says:

    Easy, no problems whatsoever..

  21. Roger Heath says:

    My wife and I have always used easyeta as our son lives in Surfer’s Paradise. Always quick, easy, and we save money. I recommend to anyone!

  22. Meryl Bruge says:

    I heard about Easyeta from our neighbor, who works for Qantas. Easy and quick service, highly recommend!

    -Meryl B., Los Angeles, CA

  23. High Point Travel says:

    My agency has used EasyETA for the last 3 large 18-30’somethings we have sent down to Australia. No problems. Easy check-in and immigration just swiped everyone’s passports.

  24. levches says:

    Was able to get visa last minute (I fly out Friday, in 2 days). Very happy with service and price.

  25. mel g says:

    First time i used an online service. Super nervous that everything is legit. customer service is awesome and very helpful. No problems with the visa at all.

  26. Heidi Anders says:

    Took 10 minutes to apply.. 5 hours, my husband and I were approved to travel. Great customer service.. helped us both within one week of leaving.

    – Heidi, Los Angeles, USA

  27. Gwendoline Rhyner says:

    Received my visa in 4 hours. Easy!

  28. Cheong_Siew_ Ying says:

    Cheapest I could find online. Plus, my friend used Easyeta 2 months ago and everything went great for her. Yes, I would recommend to friends, family, and you;)

  29. Rob Dunatov says:

    Nice and easy. My family and I went left for Australia about a month ago (April 4, 2013) and had no problems whatsoever. I initially made am istake on my visa application, but was amended the next day by support staff. Everything was a piece of cake and would recommend.

    Rob D.,
    Vancouver Island, BC

  30. Wong, Siew says:

    Applied March 3, Approved March 3, entered Australia March 6-20. Nice trip and easy visa services!

  31. Jason Albreight, Phoenix, AZ says:

    Very impressed with quick visa approval. Once the airline scanned my passport at the airport, they gave me a card that I presented to the airline again at the gate. That allowed me on the plane, proving I had a visa.

    Once I arrived into Australia, immigration and customs took about 15-20 minutes in line. But when I got to the front of the line, it only took a few seconds, and off I was. Easy to apply, and I now have faith that this company is the real deal. Electronic visas are much easier, and now I’m wondering why other countries don’t adopt this same system?

    Thanks and anyone reading this, I would recommend. Australia was a fantastic place to travel to…… Easyeta was quick with their service and cheaper than anyone else I could find online.


  32. Toh Teik Liang says:


  33. Mike Jurgens says:

    Was a bit skeptical at first, but no problems at airport or at immigration. I would definitely recommend to anyone. My wife and I had a nice trip to australia. Thanks easyeta staff.

  34. Margaret Cuddler says:

    Payment went through and had my visa in ~ 8 hours. I thought I needed a Paypal account at first, but just used credit debit card and worked fine. Easy as advertised.

  35. Jeanette Mcauley says:

    No problems at all. Quick to respond to my e-mail and visa was processed within a few hours. Would recommend-

  36. Sok Wai Low says:

    easy to work with.. received visa in 3 hours after applying

  37. tony_gonzales says:

    Easy as expected. I will use again as I return to Australia frequently. Thanks for making the process quick. Customer service means a lot to me.

  38. Michelle Huing says:

    Cheers for this visa guys. Thanks for your help!

    -Michelle H., York, England

  39. Kara Alaniz says:

    Had a great time on my trip. No issues with visa. Had a great 20 day holiday trip. WOuld definitely recommend easyeta to others.

  40. Philip Barahona says:

    Hi EasyETA. I just got back from trip and had a great time down under. I am the school teacher who contacted you in November. My kids and I had a great time and I thank you for working with us to provide visas at under 10 dollars. We had no trouble at airport and would recommend to others to use. Thanks!

  41. Mercurio says:

    Fast service. Company was quick at fixing an error I had made on my application, although it cost $2. Would use again if I return to Australia next year as it’s still cheaper and easy to use.

  42. Kristine Behrens says:

    I misspelled my name on my visa and had it amended. Didn’t expect to pay money, but it was just $2.95. I would definitely use EasyETA again as they were quick and responded in a timely matter. Had an awesome time in Australia.

  43. Jimmy-Neal-007 says:

    Good service. I was approved in less than a day and had no problem at the airport. Was recommended to use EasyETA by Qantas Airways ticketing department.

  44. Yu Zhe Isaiah says:

    My family saved money using Not sure why people pay $70 on some sites. Thanks -Yu Zhe Isaiah

  45. Darlene Boren says:

    Just got back from Australia and everything worked well. Qantas recognized my visa when I checked in at airport. Immigration lines at immigration were quick. Why doesn’t the rest of the world use the same systeM? Good work easyeta, will use next time too.

  46. Dave Bagley says:

    What a servic,e had a reply confirming our ETA within the hour. A very easy and hassel free website, it does exactly what is says in the small print. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family and will be using your services in the future.

    My regards to all the team at EasyETA.

    Dave Bagley

  47. dcmbam says:

    Truly a great service. Accurate, fast, very inexpensive, and easy to use. I have traveled to Australia numerous times, and this is the first time I have used “EasyETA”. From now on they have my business.

  48. ppek_bluemoon says:

    You are obviously a customer service oriented company. I appreciate your timely responses to my e-mails and quick service with regards to our visas. -P.Pek, Singapore

  49. dp911 says:

    I applied for 2 visas on the 4th August (ref EZ0407070513). I received my visa for Australia in about 8 hours. I wish to add my children at a later date. Do I have to re-apply? Thanks so much for your help.


    David Peterson

  50. Olivia Mauricio says:

    Yes, it’s the truth; an Australian tourist visa for less than half the price of the Australian government website!

    Thanks for a simple, convenient and low cost service. I will definately recommend EasyETA to friends.

  51. Pearl Haag says:

    Was able to get an answer from rather quickly. I would have preferred telephone number, but e-mail response was very quick.

  52. Christine D. W. says:

    Definitely fast & inexpensive. Service is excellent. My questions & concerns were answered quickly via email. I’m very impressed.

    Thank you so much EasyETA!

    Christine W.
    California, USA

  53. sarah_g says:

    My husband and I booked our visas through EasyETA last year and this year. Pleasure to use and will continue to use on annual trips to Australia.

  54. Local_florist_EmG says:

    Wasn’t sure if my stay of 80 days was too long for visa, but support team was helpful. For those travelling less than 90-days, I don’t see how you can go wrong for a visa for 6 GBP. If you plan on staying 6 months or up to a year, a different type of visa is required. Thanks for good service and saving my husband and I money! — Elisabeth Grammar, UK.

  55. Mei Wong says:

    My husband and I searched the Internet and EasyETA was cheapest. We were pleasantly surprised that their services were fast, efficient as well. Had a great trip to Australia……..

    New York, USA

  56. Màiri Clacher says:

    My husband and I have always used easyeta as our daughter lives in Melbourne. Always works just fine and we save money.

    Màiri Clacher
    Edinburgh, Scotland

  57. Einar Magnusson says:

    Easy as advertised. Price is cheapest online.

  58. Hannu Jarvi says:

    airline was able to find our ETA Australian visa when they swiped our passport at the airport to confirm. thanks for great service

  59. Cerridwen_aloe says:

    Nice service to find online. I would use again when I return to Australia. Not sure why people use government when this is cheaper for the same visa. However, If you have needs for a working visa, then you will need to visit the government site.

  60. Traveler-Olwen says:

    Happy I talked my husband into using easyeta as it saved us money. Our trip to sydney was very romantic.. highly recommend “sails on Lavender Bay” as it is a great restaurant. (2 reviews in 1.. haha)

  61. mike97420 says:

    This service is no joke. I was happy with speed and reliability. Would use again.

  62. VinceFischer says:

    Very happy to have found EasyETA for many reasons.

    1. They found a mistake I made on my application.
    2. Cheaper
    3. Easy to Use
    4. Lots of information regarding who is eligible for visa.
    5. Non-Government Related
    6. Customer service regarding my error was quick and friendly.

  63. I applied very last minute, but e-mailed them to expedite my Australian Visa. They managed to get back to me and process it quick with no problems. I would recommend to others whoever read this to apply with confidence. Cheap, too!

  64. sweetest_thing01 says:

    fast, easy, inexpensive. can’t believe it’s this cheap to get a visa for Australia! more countries need to get on board!

  65. D.A. Margot says:

    Leaving my first online review because i was happy with service and would recommend people use easyeta if they are considering it. You will need 24 hours to get your visa, but couldn’t be easier, confirmation is e-mailed to you.

    Deborah Margot
    Chicago, IL

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