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Visiting Australia? Well, new for 2020, we have answers to Australia travelers' most common questions. See our articles below, or visit our Visa Services page for more information on applying for your visa.

If you have other questions that aren't answered below, then it's likely you'll find the answers on our ETA information page.

Verify ETA Visa VEVO
How to Verify your ETA Online

If you aren't sure whether you already have a visa or need one, use our online tool. It's free, and takes just 1-minute to fill out. We will notify you FREE within 24 hours to save you money.

Australian Visa Application
When to Apply for an ETA Online

When is the best time to apply for an ETA for your trip? We tell you everything you need to know.

Compare eVisitor and ETA visas
Compare ETA and eVisitor

What is the difference between an ETA and eVisitor? We compare the two and give you the pros and cons so you can apply for the right visa.

Singapore and Australia flags
ETA for Singaporeans

Singapore passport holders: Save money and visit Australia using an ETA, which is the most reliable and cheapest method in visiting Australia.

Not from Singapore? No problem. See full list of eligible ETA countries at our Visa Services page.

People Waiting in line at Airport
Getting an Australian Visa as Fast as Possible

If you were unaware of the need for an Australian visa, and need to obtain one urgently, we have you covered, even if you are already at the airport.

Woman wearing mask at airport
Special: Corona Virus - Latest News for Tourists

View latest updates on Corona Virus (Covid-19), and its impact on entering Australia as a tourist.