Entering Australia: Corona Virus - Latest News for Tourists

If you have an existing flight or travel plans to visit Australia, but are fearful of the impact of the Corona virus (Covid-19), then please refer to the following information, as we have collected the most recent information for travelers. This page will be updated daily, as the government is making updates on a daily/weekly basis, based on the latest news.


Help, I'm Stuck in Australia. What Do I Do?

Assuming you are in Australia on an ETA, please visit the latest departmental news to see which steps you can take to extend your stay beyond the 3-months permitted.

Further, if your visa is about to expire, or has expired, and you are stuck in Australia, click here.

Can I Enter Australia Despite Covid-19?

UPDATE - MARCH 19, 2020

As of today, non-resident and non-citizens are not able to enter Australia. This is a temporary hold, but is subject to the Australian government in all terms and restrictions. Please see latest news here.

Yes. As of March 18, 2020, you may enter Australia as a tourist. However, there are travel restrictions based on previous travel and nationalities (see below). The Department of Home Affairs has initiated a 14-day self-quarantine (or self-isolation) period for international visitors, and some visitors will be refused entry. However, this depends on where you have traveled to in recent weeks.

Further, if you have visited any of the following countries within 14 days prior to your arrival into Ausralia, then you will be refused entry:

Since many services and retail establishments are now closed or have limited hours, just note that your travel may be restricted at various tourist destinations.

By most medical professional accounts, the Corona Virus (Covid-19) will last for 3 months or more, so it's advisable you plan accordingly. You may apply for a visa up to 12-months before your trip, but it may be best to wait on purchasing a plane ticket until your visa is approved.

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Travel Prior to Australia

If you have visited the following countries within these respective dates, then you will be denied entry:


On or After

Mainland China

February 1, 2020


March 11, 2020

South Korea

March 5, 2020


March 1, 2020

Please review your passport, and any previous travel dates, and plan accordingly. It is best to cancel your flight into Australia versus being rejected at the border upon entry.

What if I Already Have a Plane Ticket?

If you must travel and have onward travel already booked (domestic and international) you can go to the airport to make your domestic connection and complete your 14-days of self-quarantine. You are required to self-isolate at your hotel until 14 days have passed since your last overseas port or until you head to the airport to make your way home.

When Can I Visit Australia despite Corona Virus?

Due to recent circumstances with Corona Virus, it's advisable to avoid travel for the very near future (March 2020). However, travel restrictions are not in place yet for those wishing to visit Australia in April or later of this year. You are okay to apply for a visa up to 12-months in advance. We would recommend travel insurance if/when you book your travel.

Korean Passport Holders:While processing Australian visas for our customers as of March 18, 2020, we are receiving rejections for Korean passport holders. If you are a South Korean national, it's advisable that you do not apply for a visa for the next 2 weeks. European, US, UK, and other Asian nationalities are still being approved for Australian visas as normal.

Extending my Stay in Australia

If you are already in Australia, and are facing travel delays related to the Covid-19 virus, then you will want to contact an Australian visa office to determine the best course of action. In most cases, they will have you fill out a e600 extension form. However, due to the recent circumstances, it's advisable to contact an office first to determine what is your best option to avoid overstaying your visa.

Can I Enter Australia on a Cruise?

No. At this time, all cruise passengers are not permitted to enter Australia from a foreign port until April 15, 2020.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Please refer to the following government updates before departing for your trip. And, if you are already in Australia and need to extend your stay, please learn how to do so on our Australian ETA Information page.