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Within 24 hours of applying with EasyETA, you will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your ETA visa status given to us by the Australian Department of Immigration.

We would like to help you become more familiar with what information is important as a visa holder.

Sample Australian Visa

The below details, which are color-coded, show you how to read exactly what is listed on your visa.

Visa Details

Family Name

Pre/Suffixes will not be listed (Jr,Sr,Bin/Binte,Mr/Mrs,S/O).

Given Names

First, Second, any other given names listed on your passport, according to application guidelines.


Your passport number, nationality, and expiration date.

Date of Birth, Sex, COB

Date of Birth, Sex (or, gender) as M/F, and Country of Birth listed in its 3-digit country code. Look up country codes.

Type of Travel

T = Visitor/Tourist, B = Business Short-Validity

Entry Status

Official response from the Department of Immigration

Time Stamp

This is the date and time of when your visa was issued by the government.

Authority to Enter

This is the last date you may enter Australia. You are permitted to stay beyond this date, but not beyond the 3 months.


Fixing a Mistake

Need something changed? No problem.

Amend My Visa

Amendments take up to 24 hours, and cost $3.95 for re-processing.

Verifying a Visa

Verifying Your Visa

Once issued, you can verify your visa in many ways.

Learn More

Also, learn how to extend your stay.