How do I check to see if I already have an existing Australia visa?

If you are unsure if you already have a visa, or want to check the expiry date of your visa, then this page explores the 2 options available to you.

If you are already a customer of EasyETA, and want to view your visa using the government VEVO site, please head to the View my ETA section of our ETA Information help page.

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Check to See If I Have a Visa

Method 1.

Use Our Online Form

(Easiest Method)

Not sure if you already have a visa? Or.. when it expires? If so, then we're here to help. Each year, we receive lots of emails asking us these questions, so we've decided to dedicate this page to helping you save time and money, by knowing before you apply.

By using our online form below, we will do a courtesy check (free) and determine both IF you have a current visa, and WHEN the visa expires (if applicable).

Method 2.

Verifying through a 3rd party

As mentioned on our ETA Information page, you always have the option to verify your visas through any of the following channels.

However, as mentioned, we have created a quick little form below so that you can easily determine for yourself whether or not your visa has already expired or not. Simply fill out the form below, and let us know your passport number, family name, and the country in which your passport was issued, and we will check whether or not you have an existing visa.

This service is FREE, and will take less than 24-hours. If you depart sooner than that, please see our recommendations below.

Departing within 24 hours?

For those of you who are departing within a day, it's advisable that you do not wait and see what happens at the airport. Airlines can charge whatever they want upon check-in for a visa. And you cannot be assured it will be approved in time.

Urgent Visa Processing Selection

At EasyETA, we hate to see travelers experience any delays in their travel plans, so this is why we were the first visa service company to offer expedited urgent ETA services. If you are departing in less than 24 hours, use our online Australia ETA application and select Urgent, so that we can process your visa now.

If I apply for a new ETA, does it interfere with an existing visa?

We are asked this question quite a bit. The answer is: It does not hurt to have a new visa issued if one already exists. So, if you are short on time, this is the appropriate course of action to ensure you do not face travel delays, either by your airline or immigration officials.

Here is How to Check for an Existing ETA or other Australian Visa

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Passport issuing country.
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What to Expect if I Already Have a Visa?

There are just 2 outcomes once you submit your request to check for an existing visa, and you will be notified via email in either case within 24 hours.

Possible Replies

If You Already Have a Visa
In this case, we will notify you of your existing visa expiry date. This is helpful to know so that you can apply if necessary for a future trip to Australia. This expiry date of a tourist visa will always be 12-months from when your visa was issued, unless your passport has expired.
If You do NOT Have a Visa
If, after searching for a visa and you do not have one, we will be notify via email within 24 hours. This is helpful because you can then apply online if you plan on visiting Australia within 12-months.