Verifying Your Visa

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General Information

If you have received a confirmation e-mail from us, then you are now approved to travel to Australia. However, some customers wish to verify their visa. This is NOT necessary, as you are now electronically stored in the immigration system.

The response that we are given (looks like this) is a direct response from Australian immigration regarding your visa status and is the proof that your visa is valid. More information on what is listed on your visa can be found in our visa help section.


UPDATE: As of July 2018, when processing your visa, we will be given an ETA Grant Number by the Department of Home Affairs. If you wish to request this number, please e-mail us at with your passport number, and we will forward this to you. This will allow you to verify your visa on the Department's website using the VEVO system.

IMPORTANT: If you already have an existing visa that has not yet expired, the VEVO system will not identify the newly issued grant number until your current visa expires.

Accessing VEVO: Visit the Department of Home Affairs VEVO system.

1. Under dropdown menu, select passport.

2. Match the following settings, but include your grant number (provided by us), date of birth, and passport number.
NOTE: We can only provide grant numbers to EasyETA customers.

Please note that your airline will automatically check the status of your visa at the airport before you depart. Since they are capable of both issuing and amending visas, this assures you and other travelers that you cannot be stranded at the airport.

Reference Numbers

We do not provide reference number to be used on the government site, they are only given to applicants who use the government site itself. The reference number is used by the government for their customers to check the status of their visa. However, at EasyETA, we eliminate this extra step to save our customers time, by sending out an approval confirmation e-mail as soon as the visa is approved in the ETA system. We do provide you an order number which you can reference with us to track and confirm any of your visa details.

The Department of Immigration confirms this information here.

Extending Your Stay

Outside Australia

As mentioned on our website, ETAs are valid for 3-months of travel into Australia. However, if you wish to stay longer, then you can apply for a subclass 600 visa to stay for up to 6 or 12-month periods. Contact an Australian visa office for more information.

Please note you must be outside of Australia for this option.

Already in Australia?

Please apply for an e600 extension. Contact an Australian visa office for more information.