ETA Visas: Information to Know Before you Visit Australia

Australia ETA Information

If you are visiting Australia within the next 12-months, then you may have questions about your travel or visa needs. This page is here to help both current ETA holders, as well as those who still need to obtain a visa.

Our frequently asked questions can be found below. You will also want to visit our visa services home to check eligibility, requirements, and to see some of the benefits of applying with EasyETA. We offer the most reliable, yet cheapest services online.

If you already have a visa for Australia, you can also learn how to make a change to your ETA or extend your stay beyond the 3-months, if your travel plans have changed.

Our #1 priority is for you and your travel to be easy and enjoyable!

ETA Appearance

Within 24 hours of applying with EasyETA, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your ETA visa status provided to us by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Because we have error checking both on our application and by our processing staff, over 94% of our customers will be approved for travel.

For all of our approved customers, we include your visa directly in our email, which appears similar to our sample image here.

Just note, it is important that all the elements of your visa are correct, so be sure to review them to ensure accuracy.

For those who are not approved, we will provide instructions on how you can be approved as quickly as possible. Although this is doesn't happen frequently, it can happen, and will require you to submit additional information to your local Australian visa office. This is why we recommend you apply early.

Sample visa above. Details may differ slightly.

ETA Details

  • Family Name
    Pre/Suffixes will not be listed (Jr,Sr,Bin/Binte,Mr/Mrs,S/O).
  • Given Names
    First, Second, any other given names listed on your passport, according to application guidelines.
  • Passport
    Your passport number, nationality, and expiration date.
  • Date of Birth, Sex, COB
    Date of Birth, Sex (or, gender) as M/F, and Country of Birth listed in its 3-digit country code. Look up country codes.
  • Type of Travel
    T = Visitor/Tourist, B = Business Short-Validity
  • Entry Status
    Official response from the Department of Immigration.
  • Time Stamp
    This is the date and time of when your visa was issued by the government.
  • Authority to Enter
    This is the last date you may enter Australia. You are permitted to stay beyond this date, but not beyond the 3 months.

Making Changes to Your Visa

Need to Fix a Mistake?

If some of the information listed on your visa is needs to be changed, we can fix it within 30-days of issue. Please note there is a $3.95 re-processing charge per visa.

Make Changes to my ETA

Note: If you have a new passport, then a new visa is required.

Extending Your Stay in Australia

Want to Stay Longer?

As mentioned on our website, ETAs are valid for 3-months of travel within Australia. However, you may apply for a longer visit either before or after you've obtained an ETA. Click below for details.

Within Australia

Option 1.

You may apply for an e600 extension through the Department of Home Affairs. This visa usually permits an extension to either 6-months or 12-months total stay. Contact an Australian visa office for more information.

Option 2.

Since an ETA permits multiple entries into Australia, you are permitted to exit, then re-enter Australia as long as you are outside the country for several days, and you can show proof of exit upon your return.
(proof = plane ticket)

Outside of Australia

Most ETA eligible passport holders are also able to apply for a visitors visa, which permits 6-month or 12-month visits to Australia. However, note the price is significantly higher and the turnaround time can vary, but generally takes 2-4 weeks. You may also want to use the 'Find a Visa' tool to see about longer-term visa alternatives. Contact an Australian visa office for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visa Related Questions

An ETA, or Electronic Travel Authority, is an electronic version of a travel visa, and is required for entrance into Australia. Unlike a traditional paper visa, the ETA is electronically linked to your passport and can be obtained online through an online Australian ETA Visa application. An ETA permits travel into and within Australia for up to 3-months, and permits multiple entries into the country within its 12-month validity period.

If you are visiting Australia as a tourist, or wish to visit family or friends, then an ETA, or Electronic Travel Authority, permits you to enter Australia. You are also permitted to temporarily study or conduct business activities for less than 3-months. However, work or opening a bank account is not permitted.

If you wish to work in Australia, a working holiday visa is required. Please see the Department of Home Affairs website visa finder to find out the details of other types of visas. An ETA tourist visa does not permit work.

Other than New Zealand citizens, it is required that all travelers secure a visa for Australia prior to departure. If you are eligible for an ETA, then you may apply online with us. However, not every country is eligible for an ETA.

The countries eligible for an ETA are:










Hong Kong





South Korea









United Kingdom*

United States

If you are not carrying a passport from one of the above countries, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website here to determine which visa is suitable for your needs.

Passport holders of the following countries may apply online for an ETA:

Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States can apply are eligible to apply online.

Visit our Australian ETA application to apply now.

These two types of visas are commonly mistaken for each other, but the two differ. Compare the difference between an ETA and eVisitor

In short, you will want to apply as soon as you choose Australia as your destination. Please visit when should you apply for an ETA page for more information.

If you are unsure if you have an existing visa, you can still apply online. If you are granted a new ETA, the earlier ETA will end and the new ETA will be valid as soon as it is granted.

If you already hold any other substantive visa (working holiday, research, student visa, etc. when you are granted an ETA:

  • if the other visa is still valid when you next enter Australia, you will enter on that visa, not the new ETA
  • if you enter and stay in Australia on the other visa for longer than three months, the ETA will end three months from the date that you entered Australia.

Yes, travelers of all ages are required to obtain an ETA prior to departing for Australia. If your child or children are linked to your passport, you still need to submit individual applications.

You do not need to show a bank statement or proof of funds when entering Australia as a tourist if your planned stay is short term. If you obtain a tourist visa, or ETA, you will not need to bring a bank statement with you. However, some other long term visas which permit work or studies, may require you to show proof of funds when entering.

The agency or visa services company which issues you your ETA can provide you with an ETA grant number once the visa is issued. For customers of EasyETA, this can be provided by email upon request. Once you have your grant number, you can verify your visa online using the government's VEVO website.

Please see the verifying your visa tab on this page for more information.

Service Questions

We process thousands of travel visas per month because we save our customers time and frustration. Many governments offer "free" applications online, but may also charge a service fee. Our service costs are kept to an absolute minimum, despite providing 24/7/365 customer service, offering a mobile-friendly website, and communicate in many foreign languages. Plus, we accept payment in several currencies, which can save you additional money.

The application is free for an Australian visa, however the Department of Home Affairs charges $20.00 for their visa services. Visa service providers can charge various amounts for their services, but at EasyETA we provide our services at a discount to the department of Home Affairs. Our service cost is $9.95 for each applicant. There are no other fees or taxes.

All transactions are non-refundable.

Travel Questions

No, a plane ticket is not required. However, it's recommended that most travelers secure their Australian visa prior to purchasing a plane ticket, in case you are not approved. In some cases, you will be required to provide additional documentation to obtain a visa, and this process can take a few weeks.

With an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa, otherwise known as a subclass 601 visa, you are permitted to stay a maximum of 3 months. However, you are permitted multiple entries within the 12-month validity period. However, if you wish to stay longer than 3 months on any one trip, then review your other visa options, which are available through the Department of Home Affairs, here.

If you are entering Australia for short term tourism purposes, then health insurance is not required. However, we do recommend it for those over 60 years old, as a precaution since as many health insurance providers do not cover traveling in foreign countries.

Passport Questions

Yes. If you have obtained a new passport, for whatever reason, then a new visa is required since the two are electronically linked together. You can apply online once you have your new passport available.

Please refer to our section on when to apply for an ETA for more information, since obtaining a new passport does not necessarily mean you will be approved immediately.

Applying for an Australian ETA Online

Ready to Apply?

If you plan on visiting Australia in the next 12 months, you can apply today!.

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How to Find & Verify an ETA

If you have received a confirmation email from us, then you are now approved to travel to Australia. However, some customers wish to verify their visa. This is NOT necessary, as you are now electronically stored in the immigration system. However, if you wish to proceed, we have listed how to verify your ETA below.

Not a Customer? Use Our Online Tool

If you are unsure if you have an Australian visa, then we are happy to verify whether or not you have an existing visa or not.

Head to our page dedicated to How to verify an ETA online page. Within 24 hours, we will confirm if you already have an existing visa (ETA or non-ETA) or not. This service is FREE and provided by us at EasyETA.

Visa Grant Numbers - For Customers Only

Upon EasyETA processing your visa, we will be given an ETA Grant Number by the Department of Home Affairs. If you wish to request this number, please email us at with your passport number, and we will forward this to you. This will allow you to verify your visa on the Department's website using the VEVO system.

IMPORTANT: If you already have an existing visa that has not yet expired, the VEVO system will not identify the newly issued grant number until your current visa expires.

Accessing VEVO: Visit the Department of Home Affairs VEVO system.

1. Under dropdown menu, select passport.

2. Match the following settings, but include your grant number (provided by us), date of birth, and passport number.
NOTE: We can only provide grant numbers to EasyETA customers.

3rd Party Verification

If you were unable to verify your visa on VEVO, then the following 3rd-parties can also determine your visa status:

The response that we are given (looks like this) is a direct response from Australian immigration regarding your visa status and is the proof that your visa is valid.

Please note that your airline will automatically check the status of your visa at the airport before you depart. Since they are capable of both issuing and amending visas, this assures you and other travelers that you cannot be stranded at the airport.

Reference Numbers

We do not provide reference number to be used on the government site, they are only given to applicants who use the government site itself. The reference number is used by the government for their customers to check the status of their visa. However, at EasyETA, we eliminate this extra step to save our customers time, by sending out an approval confirmation email as soon as the visa is approved in the ETA system. We do provide you an order number which you can reference with us to track and confirm any of your visa details.

The Department of Immigration confirms this information here.